Mar 272012

The Forces of Evil at the Charity Auction

Our concert at Harvard’s Vericon was a great success.  We debuted our new six part Sundown finale piece, and were delighted by how many friends in the audience joined in on singing Somebody Will.

In addition, Sassafrass was delighted to be a part of the first Vericon Charity Auction, which raised $3,500 for Doctors Without Borders.  The “Doctors Without [Spatio-Temporal] Borders” auction was themed around Doctor Who, with two hosts dressed as the 10th and 11th Doctors.  We auctioned a CD with our recent rough tracks of the Sundown pieces still in production, as well as a fun tote bag with Sundown-themed images.  Ada served as the primary auctioneer.  One of the auction items was a cardboard version of Thor’s hammer, left over from the MST3K mocking of the deeply MST3K-worthy film Almighty Thor. Ada in her persona as Loki fought valiantly to win the hammer and bring about Ragnarok, and the crowd came forward forming first a coalition of Good to stop her, then a coalition of evil to aid her.  In the final fervor, the hammer sold for $700 to the forces of good, who trounced Loki, prevented Ragnarok, and made a fantastic contribution to bringing medical aid to the corners of the world most in need of it.

Loki's pledge to secure the Hammer

Auctioneer and Doctor can't believe when the bid hits $300

Loki eggs on the forces of darkness.

The Forces of Good (plus Tony) prevail!

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