Retired members


The following members performed with Sassafrass in the past, but no longer do.

Zara joined Sassafrass in 2001 at Bryn Mawr College, only meeting many of its already-graduated original members later. She has sung with the group at various venues since its reinception in 2008 and currently keeps the DC branch organized. She hopes to sing with Sassafrass again when life and time permit.  On the Web she is AngstnoKami, with a blog at LiveJournal

Julia is a musician/crafter/gamer/fan who studied both the trivium and the quadrivium in university and now works as an Accessibile Technology technician at Harvard. She has been a pianist since age 4, a French horn player since 11, and a singer since she learned to love the notes under middle C. Julia lives in the Boston area and is involved in running fandom-con Arisia and LARP-con Intercon. Using the handle “Haplo”, she has a weekly internet radio program on Radio KoL, the fan station for the humorous browser-based MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing. Julia intends to rejoin the group in the summer of 2013.

Ronnii is a member-on-hiatus from the DC-area group.

Other retired members include:

  • Brenda
  • Rebecca
  • Hanah
  • Catriona
  • Rianna
  • Tracey