Sassafrass has released five formal albums, and two online-only collections. Its these original six albums have all been retired, though some highlight songs are still available.


Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok is our most recent finished project, available in CD form here and available for digital download on our Bandcamp.

Make Them All Real is a small collection of our best pieces from our original, retired catalog, re-recorded or remastered for vastly improved quality. This is where you will find our most famous song, “Somebody Will.”

Remnants & Alternates is a larger collection of some of our favorite songs from our original albums. These have not been remastered, but there are a few new takes and live concert recordings.


Our two web-only albums, Songs from Nifflheim and In Concert, collected (respectively) a number of recordings from the Minnesota contingent of the group and our live performances.

Eclectic II: Prophecies and Lies contained a selection of the best tracks from our older out-of-print albums, new recordings of favorite songs, and four pieces from our Norse Mythology project Sundown.

Firebrand collected compositions from 2002-2008.  The majority were folk fantasy pieces, with some romantic and classic pieces.

Eclectic, produced in 2008, collected live recordings from our concert at Club Passim, along with a few studio recordings.

Solitary Dancer, our first album, was produced at Bryn Mawr College in 2001.