My Brother My Enemy Teaching Album


MBME-AlbumCover“My Brother My Enemy” is one of the centerpieces of Sundown, a duet for Odin and Loki, in which they describe how they first met and became blood-brothers, then the events and changes that made them become enemies.

This collection contains the complete song (the same recording which appears on the “Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok” CD), plus two additional tracks rebalanced to highlight each part, so you can listen primarily to Loki’s line or primarily to Odin’s, hearing subtleties and quiet harmonies that are hidden when both sing together. This collection is ideal for getting to know the song and characters better, and for learning to sing the piece yourself.

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Track List

  1. My Brother, My Enemy: Loki
  2. My Brother, My Enemy: Odin
  3. My Brother, My Enemy

BONUS: digital download PDF versions of the complete sheet music, lyrics sheets, a MIDI file of the piece, and two pages of original notes by the composer treating the song’s themes and sources, mythological references in the lyrics, and the relationship between Loki and fire in the myths and the music. (Notes will also appear in the Libretto.)