Jul 282015
Ada and Lauren

Trickster & King in Wales

Our Stories and Stone Kickstarter is closing in on its goal; we’re almost 95% funded with just over $300 to go! We’ve also just released the Somebody Will Teaching Album, doing sound editing to for the “If I Could Ask You Teaching Album”, and are getting ready for our upcoming concerts this August, so we’ve been quite busy.

Trickster & King will be performing at Mythcon 46, in Colorado Springs between July 31-Aug. 3, with GOH Jo Walton, singing our Norse music accompanied by Jo’s Norse poetry. We’ll also be joining Jo and providing a song or two at the Tiptree Award Ceremony at Borderlands in San Francisco (3pm, Sunday August 9th) and at her reading at Powells, in Cedar Hills, Portland, (7pm Monday August 17th) where Ada will also read from her upcoming novel, Servants of the World.

Trickster & King will also perform at Sasquan (Worldcon) in Spokane, August 19th-23th.

The Kickstarter ends on August 15th, so by the time we get back from Worldcon we’ll know the final numbers and hope that we’ll not only be putting together backer reward packages, but starting up recording for “Friend in the Dark” in order to release that album as well.

Thanks again for your support and we hope to see some of you this summer!

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