Teaching Collections


Sassafrass has produced several Teaching Collections, which we designed for musicians and for fans of our music who want to learn our songs and sing them; to that teachable end, the collections have halves of duets, remixes of vocal harmonies and multiple recording. Every single Teaching Collection also has downloadable sheet music and lyrics, and the Norse collections contain notes by composer Ada Palmer detailing the mythological resonances and themes underlying those albums. We love the idea of our listeners understanding the thought and care put into our albums on on every level, and for those reasons it is our pleasure to offer these collections to both first-time and longtime listeners.

Somebody Will 

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The Somebody Will Teaching    Collection has five tracks    overall, containing three live    performances: a newly recorded   duet version, the live chorus   version performed as an encore   for when the Sundown album   made its debut at Balticon, and a live house concert recording of   the duet with guitar. The collection also includes alternate  versions of the duet; we’ve amplified the melody and harmony parts so they’re easier to learn.

My Brother, My Enemy


This collection contains “My Brother, My Enemy” in its entirety, plus two additional tracks re-balanced to highlight each part, so you can listen primarily to Loki’s line or primarily to Odin’s, hearing subtleties and quiet harmonies that are hidden when both sing together. This collection is ideal for getting to know the song and characters better, and for learning to sing the piece yourself. Also includes a PDF of original notes by the composer explaining the mythological themes and sources of the song, as well as PDFs of the sheet music and the lyrics.



The “Abandoned” Collection, like My Brother, My Enemy, contains “Abandoned” in its entirety as well as four separated tracks: with Baldur’s part emphasized, with Hel’s part emphasized, and with Baldur’s part alone and Hel’s part alone, all containing individual subtleties not always audible in the fully mastered whole version. This also includes the sheet music, the lyrics sheet, and three pages of notes from the composer treating the song’s structure and mythological references.

The Futhark Song


Our largest and most comprehensive teaching collection, the Futhark Collection contains the original as well as over thirty separate tracks containing different combinations of vocal harmonies and different mixes of the eight vocal lines in the original song. Also included are a MIDI file of the song, plus PDF files of the sheet music, lyrics sheet, and five pages of original notes by the composer, discussing the history of the Futhark, the basics of modal music, and how modes are used in the Sundown cycle, both in the Futhark Song and in other pieces.