Friends & Helpers


These important friends have helped Sassafrass in many ways:

The many contributors to our Kickstarter made it possible for us to stage, costume, film and release on DVD and CD our Norse Mythology song cycle “Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok.”  Their names, and those of friends who helped us with the costuming, production and other aspects of the project, are listed here.

Nat Budin does sound editing and track finalizing for Sassafrass, and is an indispensible support in our efforts to turn songs into something permanent.

Ben Newman is an excellent composer and performer, and a good friend, who sometimes joins Sassafrass as our guitarist. Until Matt’s arrival, Ben enjoyed the illustrious and oxymoronic title of “male guitarist for an all female a cappella group.”  For Ben’s own music visit his website.

Laura Higgins Palmer did the drawings and paintings featured on the covers and inserts for Solitary Dancer and Firebrand. Laura is Ada’s mother, and specializes in oil painting and ink drawings of dancers.   More of her work can be found at

Ethan Bassford acted as Sundown‘s project manager, and was essential in coordinating our widely-spread group and its many different efforts. He can also be found playing with his own band, Ava Luna.

Second Shift, the Boston-based podcast audio drama, have helped us by lending their excellent recording studio, and help with sound editing.

HRSFA, the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association, has been an enthusiastic supporter of Sassafrass and its members for many years, and our warm welcome at Vericon has for many years been a big spur to our productivity.

Frey is our mascot.  He is a golden retriever, and lives with Alexa and Matt at Sassafrass North.  He is an indispensable source of moral support, and the inspiration for numerous dog-themed songs which Matt will not be sharing with the general public.

We are also very grateful to the support we have received from many warm members of the filk community who have encouraged us over the years, especially Gary Ehrlich,  Urban Tapestry, and Heather Dale.