As I Say Goodbye

  • Composer: Hanah Metchis
  • Format: Three voices

This piece, treating personal growth during the process of leaving a romantic relationship, was composed by Hanah, who has since retired from the group.


He and I walked and in hand
down winding roads to promised lands.
Beauties never ceased to be,
for I could use his eyes to see.
Now this love is harshly dying,
I won’t let him see me crying
I wonder is my life a lie
because I have to say goodbye.

Goodbye to dreams I’ll never live,
goodbye to joys I’ll never give.
He won’t comfort my tomorrows.
He won’t sweeten all my sorrows.
Rid myself of all his lies,
as I say goodbye,
as I say goodbye.

No more pain, this broken binding
opens paths to go on finding.
Though this loving fades like night,
it’s death for dreams but not delight.
I don’t wait for costly mendings
never weep at happy endings,
cutting off those heavy ties,
don’t hesitate to say goodbye.

Goodbye to masks that choose my role,
goodbye to fears that freeze my soul.
I won’t live in borrowed stories.
I won’t boast my borrowed glories.
I rid myself of all these lies,
as I say goodbye
as I say goodbye.

Walls will crumble, pillars tumble,
earth will shake and sky will rumble
Swirling tempests take and give
the past must die that futures live.
Learn this life ’till I grow wings
Teach this world ’till heaven sings.
Tame this earth and seek the sky
and never falter at goodbye.

Goodbye to pain I’ll never know
goodbye to to dues that I don’t owe.
I will build my own foundation.
I will be my own creation.
I rid myself of all those lies,
as I say goodbye
as I say goodbye.

Now I’m born and free to travel
down this road ’cause fears unravel
Taking joy in every hour
turning hopes to crystal towers.
Endless moments filled with glories
living out my dreams and stories.
Since my truth admits to lies,
I’ll never have to say good bye
Never say goodbye.