Sassafrass performs original a cappella folk music, mostly with fantasy, mythology and science fiction themes.  Our pieces are set in close harmony, with a somewhat Renaissance feel, and for women’s voices or mixed.  Our songs usually tell stories, and have a lot of lyrical complexity, often with multiple different lines of lyrics woven together to communicate different characters or aspects of a story.  We perform mainly at science fiction and fantasy conventions, but also at clubs and other venues.

Our recent project has been our Norse Mythology song cycle Sundown, which has been completed and made its debut at BaltiCon 2013.

Sassafrass is a large group, with many active members now spread out across the country.  We have chapters in the Boston area, the DC area, Minnesota, and Texas. We primarily attend east coast conventions, especially in New England and the Maryland/DC area, but sometimes perform farther abroad, and members from different chapters frequently travel to perform together.

Sassafrass is part of the filk community, performing sci-fi and fantasy music at fan venues.  We frequently perform at Boskone, Vericon, Balticon and Arisia.  We have also performed at Worldcon, and visited many other conventions.