Remnants & Alternates


Avery Print from the Web, v5 Document

Remnants & Alternates collects our favorite recordings from our six retired albums. Unlike Make Them All Real, most of these tracks are identical to the original releases, but some have been digitally remastered (especially those from Firebrand).  The album also includes a couple of never-before-heard takes and live concert recordings. These tracks are rougher than our recent recordings, but include many favorite pieces we have not yet been able to rerecord.  Listen to Full Album streaming online free, or Purchase on Bandcamp for $5 (or buy individual tracks)

Looking for old favorite recordings that have been retired and aren’t on this collection?  By popular demand, we are going to make a selection of our old rough tracks available streaming and for free download through our website. Those should be released soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

 Photo used on cover is a NASA photo taken from the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter, and shows dark twisting trails across the light terrain of the Martian surface. See Martian Dust Devil Trails

Track List

  1. My Brother, My Enemy (Songs from Nifflheim)
  2. Daughter of Apocalypse (Songs from Nifflheim)
  3. Fall (duet, Eclectic II)
  4. All the Time in the World (Solitary Dancer)
  5. As I Say Goodbye (Solitary Dancer)
  6. Somebody Will (Balticon 2011)
  7. Somebody Will (Songs from Nifflheim)
  8. Where I Come From (Firebrand)
  9. Ideo Gloria (Marscon 2010)
  10. Toys For Big Kids (Arisia 2011)
  11. Fall (instrumental, Firebrand)