Daughter of Apocalypse

  • Composer: Ada Palmer
  • Format: Four voices

Daughter of Apocalypse is definitely an unconventional and dark love song.  The background harmonies in the bridge sections are very challenging, and we often enjoy performing an improvisation based on them and their tricky interplay between major and minor.

Composer’s Comment: This piece was composed focusing on trying to highlight the beauty of the alto range. After listening to so many a cappella love songs which had soprano solos with all the altos doing a boring mid-range “ooh”, I designed this to have an alto melody, and delightful low alto harmonies that really bring out the bottom.


I see her dancing through the crowd,
A succubus among the flock,
As graceful as a corpse’s shroud
And beautiful as Ragnarok.
I never knew desire to
Forsake its flames for ice
But watching her I’m hers, be it
As lover or as sacrifice.

If she is the daughter of apocalypse
Then I’ll dive into arms of doom unfurled
I’ll either die in the cradle of her poison lips
Or awaken in a brave new world.

I take my first step toward her and
Renounce the life I’ve known.
From the moment that she takes my hand
My soul is not my own.
Though she may be an angel
Serving Lucifer or Christ
She’s my one Redeemer
And her arms my only Paradise.


She is the daughter of life,
The daughter of Hell
The daughter of oblivion.
She is the daughter of death,
The daughter of hope,
The daughter of every man.
She is calamity,
And she is humanity.

She takes my heart and leaves her price.
From this day on my blood runs cold,
But still I think this heart of ice
Is truer than the flesh of old.
If God’s a grand illusion
And this life a mocking curse
I won’t be disillusioned
For she shall be my universe.


She is the daughter of faith
The daughter of fate
The daughter of divinity.
She is the daughter of doubt,
The daughter of hope,
The daughter of infinity.