Regional Groups


Sassafrass members are scattered across the US (and sometimes Europe) so we have several regional chapters.  We frequently get together for larger group concerts, but individual subsections frequently do independent concerts as well.  Our four main chapters are located in Boston, Washington DC, Minneapolis and Chicago.



  • Sassafrass Boston frequently appears at conventions in the Northeast such as Arisia, Boskone and Vericon.  The group also enjoys hosting joint concerts with other folk and fantasy artists, particularly modern dark folk band Stranger Ways and Celtic folk artist Heather Dale.  Its current active members are Kara, Sandry, Emily, Ruth, Lila and Tili.
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Washington DC

  • The DC/Maryland group frequently performs at Balticon and other east coast sci-fi and filk conventions.  Its primary members are Irina, Ronnii, Beecher and Brian.

Alexa and Matt of the Minnesota chapter


  • Nicknamed Sassafrass North, the Minnesota contingent of Sassafrass consists of Alexa and Matt. When time and money permit, they travel to perform with the other groups at conventions such as Balticon and Vericon. When time and money don’t permit, Alexa performs in community theater musicals and Matt… sings along with the radio.
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  • Our Chicago contingent currently includes Lauren and Ada.
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