Will Be Tomorrow

  • Composer: Ada Palmer
  • Format: Three parts

Here the lyrics flow back and forth between the different voices, so the dominant line converses with itself.

Composer’s Comment: The most fun but also most difficult sections are the very complicated “hey, hey, hey” bridge lines which fall between the verses.  When the group was first learning them we nicknamed the first set the “possible heys” and the second the “impossible heys”.  But it’s worth it when they come out right.


The moments mount to minutes,
mount to hours, mount to days.
They ceaseless come and ceaseless go
And ceaselessly amaze.

Just think of what I did today
Beneath this single sun.
The triumphs I have filed away
The journeys I’ve begun
I’ve stretched my limbs and traveled somewhere
Savored joys and challenged dangers
Saw the sun and tasted air
Laughed with friends and talked with strangers
While I’m living life this way
The water may as well be wine
I revel so in every day
And savor every ounce of time
Beginnings are a world to employ
Every task a game to play through
And endings give me only joy
Since I know

Tomorrow is another day,
Another life to lead my way,
As sleeping hours drift away
I’ll dream of what will be today.

The many mounting moments mean
No moments matter anyhow
Since some will follow others
Mounting seconds to millenia

May old acquaintance be forgot
Old obligations gone, good riddance!
The sea of time remembers not
So why should I be caught by pittance?
Of every hundred thousand moments
A dozen bad ones mar the rest.
Why should they be remembered hence?
Forget the sour and unredressed
So keeping what I want tomorrow
Leaving all the rest behind
I’ll face the morning free from
Light of hard and clear of mind.
Of the old year I remember
Only joyous things are true
A blooming My and white December
Are all I’ll keep for


The moments mount to minutes,
mount to hours, mount to years.
The decades mount to lifetimes
And the lifetimes mount to tears.

And what if there were no tomorrow?
If it were the last today,
No loopholes, no last hours to borrow,
All your future gone away?
Would you like me have no regret,
No tasks undone, no promise broken
Or something more important yet,
Those final words you left unspoken?
Living like there’s no tomorrow
Means facing up to every day
Doing all, come joy or sorrow
Saying what you have to say.
Living life with no regret
With honesty and courage too
Is something we should not forget,
Even if