Firebrand (2008)

Front Cover Our second album, Firebrand, represents new compositions from 2002-8. Most of the new compositions are folk fantasy, mixing folk and Renaissance harmonic styles with a mixture of speculative subjects, many with elemental or fantasy-exotic themes.

All the recordings on Firebrand were newly created for it.


We later created a companion album for Firebrand, Eclectic II: Propheices and Lies.  Between them, these two contain all the best recordings of our pieces released to-date.  If you want to obtain a comprehensive collection of our releases, we recommend purchasing these two albums.

Back Cover Track List

  1. Fall
  2. Darling Eliza
  3. Folksong: Caravan
  4. Wild Angel
  5. Folksong: Final Ride
  6. Where I Come From
  7. A Proper Mermaid Tail
  8. Daughter of Apocalypse
  9. Threadbare Dragon
  10. Toys For Big Kids
  11. Somebody Will *
  12. Fall with instrumental *
  13. Group Improvisation: Tumbling Away
  14. Group Improvisation: Daughter of Apocalypse
  15. Preview Track: The Futhark Song**

* Special thanks to guest guitarist Benjamin Newman

** The Futhark Song is a preview track from our upcoming Norse themed album.

Cover art by Laura Higgins Palmer
Group Portrait Sketch by Zara
“A Proper Mermaid Tail” inspired by “A Clean Song” by Oscar Brand
“Where I Come From” composed for the wedding of Irina and Beecher Greenman
“Wild Angel” lyrics by Ada, Lauren, Irina, and Tracey
“Toys For Big Kids” lyrics by Ada and Lila
All other music, lyrics, and arrangements by Ada