Eclectic (2009)

Front Cover Produced in Spring 2009, this collection contains a selection of live tracks from our Club Passim concert, and a selection of recent pieces, including the first three completed pieces from the Sundown Norse Mythology project.This collection contains the earliest released recordings of two pieces: My Brother, My Enemy and Sundown.  It contains a new arrangement of Ideo Gloria, new studio recordings of Folksong: Final Ride, Where I Come From, and live recordings of Folksong: Caravan, Earth and the Water and the Wind, For You are the Wind, Darling Eliza, A Proper Mermaid Tail,Wild Angel,Sapphire, Ruby, and Gold, Threadbare Dragon, Somebody Will, Adieu Sweet Amaryllis and the Futhark Song. 

This album was produced as a special release for Concertino 2009.  It is now out of print, and we no longer sell physical copies, but the tracks are still available for download.



Back Cover Track List 

  1. Folksong: Caravan*
  2. Folksong: Final Ride
  3. Where I Come From
  4. Earth and the Water and the Wind*
  5. For You are the Wind*
  6. Ideo Gloria
  7. Darling Eliza*
  8. A Proper Mermaid Tail*
  9. Wild Angel*
  10. Sapphire, Ruby, and Gold*
  11. Threadbare Dragon*
  12. Somebody Will*
  13. Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis*
  14. My Brother, My Enemy
  15. The Futhark Song*
  16. Sundown

*Recorded Live at Club Passim