Web Only Albums


PLEASE NOTE: These two web-only albums are not available for purchase as complete albums because they each contain songs which are reserved for formal release on Sundown. However, all the other songs can be bought individually, and you can still listen to all the tracks free online. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope the previews get you excited for our next full album!

  • Songs from Nifflheim
    • This album is a set of songs recorded by the Minnesota regional group, occasionally with members from other regions. In addition to group recordings, Songs from Nifflheim features pieces recorded via multitracking by a single person. Also included are preview tracks from Sundown not available elsewhere. This album is a work in progress that is updated as the Minnesota group produces further recordings.
    • Track list
      1. Ice & Fire
      2. Gift of Life
      3. A New World
      4. Tumbling Away (multitracked)
      5. Hearthfire
      6. My Brother, My Enemy
      7. Somebody Will
      8. Daughter of Apocalypse (multitracked)
Songs from Nifflheim
  • In Concert!
    • In Concert! is a compilation of our favorite live recordings (other than those already on Eclectic I/Eclectic II). This album will continue to expand as new concert recordings become available.
    • Track list
      1. Folksong: Final Ride (Boskone 2009)
      2. Wild Angel (Boskone 2009)
      3. Ideo Gloria (Marscon 2010)
      4. Somebody Will (Balticon 2011)
      5. Abandoned (Balticon 2011)
      6. Gift of Life (Balticon 2011)
      7. My Brother, My Enemy (OVFF 2011)