Solitary Dancer (2001)

Solitary Dancer Sassafrass’ debut album was recorded in 2001.  Most of the songs it contains are unconventional love songs or attitudes toward living pieces, along with some folk fantasy.

Solitary Dancer is now out of print and retired, and we no longer sell physical copies, but it can still be purchased through download.

A selection of the best tracks from Solitary Dancer are included on a later collection, Eclectic II: Prophecies and Lies.  Since all the other pieces on Solitary Dancer have been released in new versions more recently, we recommend only purchasing Solitary Dancer if you want to be a real completest.


Back Cover Track List 

  1. Daughter of Apocalypse *
  2. Yonder Wandering *
  3. Will be Tomorrow *
  4. Sapphire Ruby and Gold *
  5. All the Time in the World *
  6. The Earth, the Water, and the Wind *
  7. Tumbling Away *
  8. As I Say Goodbye **
  9. For You are the Wind *
  10. Unknown Purpose*
  11. Group Improvisation: Tumbling and Thundering*
  12. Ideo Gloria ^
  13. Group Improvisation: Apocalypse *
  14. Threadbare Dragon (voice and guitar) *

* Words and Music by Ada Palmer^ Harmony by Ada Palmer

** Words and Music by Hanah Metchis

Translation of English lyrics of Ideo Gloria into French by Irina Greenman

Cover art by Laura Higgins Palmer