Prophecies & Lies (2009)

Front Cover Produced for Worldcon 2009, this is our most recent completed album. 

It contains a selected mixture of the best tracks from our two  out-of-print albums, Eclectic and Solitary Dancer, along with new recordings of two previously-released pieces, Somebody Will and Fall, and the first release of one of the centerpiece tracks of the Sundown project, Hearthfire.

This CD was assembled as a companion album to Firebrand, and between them the two contain almost every song Sassafrass has released so far.

If you are new to Sassafrass and want to try one album, we recommend this one.

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If you already own both Eclectic and Solitary Dancer, then we recommend that, instead of buying the whole album, you individually download tracks 2, 3 and 6.

Back Cover Track List
2009 Recordings 

  1. Folksong: Final Ride (Eclectic I)
  2. Somebody Will
  3. Fall
  4. Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis (Eclectic I)
  5. Ideo Gloria (English trio; Eclectic I)
  6. Hearthfire
  7. My Brother, My Enemy (Eclectic I)
  8. The Futhark Song* (Eclectic I)
  9. Sundown (Eclectic I)
  10. For You Are the Wind (Solitary Dancer)
  11. All the Time in the World (Solitary Dancer)
  12. As I Say Goodbye (Solitary Dancer)
  13. Ideo Gloria (French duet; Solitary Dancer)
  14. Unknown Purpose (Solitary Dancer)
  15. Sapphire, Ruby and Gold (Solitary Dancer)
  16. Will Be Tomorrow (Solitary Dancer)
  17. Yonder Wandering (Solitary Dancer)
  18. The Earth and the Water and the Wind (Solitary Dancer)

*Recorded Live at Club Passim