Jun 092013
Baldur, Odin and Loki in their traveling cloaks, with chorus behind in more modest human costumes.

Baldur, Odin and Loki in their traveling cloaks, with chorus.

A few updates to share.  First, a very fun literature and culture blog “Bible, Literature and Translation” has done a piece on Sundown with an interview with composer Ada Palmer talking about the source and background of the play.  You can read it here.  Especially for those who couldn’t make it to the panel about Sundown after the play at Balticon, the interview looks at textual issues as well as underlying idea behind the structure of the play and music.

Second, we are now one week from the end of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign, and we’ve passed $13,000.  We’re overwhelmed by how powerful the response has been, and how much we’ve managed to exceed our goal.  Having extra resources has let us start thinking about the next performance, and talk to cons and other venues about where we might perform Sundown next.  We had expected it to be many months until we had another venue, but with these resources in hand we’ve been able to accelerate our plans for a second performance.  For this reason we hope donations will continue to climb in the last week of the kickstarter, since every donation increases the chance that we can travel to perform at more and bigger cons.

And since we’ve passed $13,000, several of Jo Walton’s Norse poems about Odin and Ask and Embla have now been shared with our backers.  We are really hoping we can hit $14,000 so she will write her Loki poem.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported us so far.  We have big plans, thanks to you!  We hope to have some finalized enough to announce soon, so stay tuned!

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