Jun 192012
Lauren, Matt, and Alexa at OVFF 2011

Lauren, Matt, and Alexa at OVFF 2011

Hello everyone! The nominating ballot for the 2012 Pegasus Awards is up and available. These awards recognize excellence in filking, from composing to performing to individual songs, selected by members of the filk community. Sassafrass is honored to be represented in three categories this year on the brainstorming poll, where filkers can go to get ideas for who/what to nominate: Ada Palmer for Best Writer/Composer, Sassafrass as a group for Best Performer, and both Somebody Will and Sundown for Best Filk Song.

The only qualification necessary to nominate or vote is to consider yourself a member of the filk community – whether you’ve performed in filk concerts, participated in filk circles, written filk songs, or simply think of yourself as a filker, you’re eligible! Please consider nominating us or whichever songs, performers, and writers you think represent the best in filk! The brainstorming poll is not a be-all, end-all, either: if you think another song by us or another performer/composer/song not listed on the poll is worthy of a Pegasus, you can put them down on the nominating ballot.

The nominating ballot will be open until 12:01am on July 30th. After that, nominees will be announced and voting can begin! Voting ends at OVFF, where all nominated songs will be performed in a special concert. For more information about the Pegasus Awards or OVFF, check out this site.

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