Songs in the Key of π

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Aug 202012

Some pie at Pi-Con!

We have returned happily from Enfield, CT, where the Boston Contingent of Sassafrass performed at this year’s Pi-Con! The concert featured some of our newer Norse songs– Kara and Emily dueting on “Abandoned,” as well as our full-group Sundown finale, “Longer in Stories Than Stone.” We also brought back some very old favorites, like “For You Are the Wind,” and “All the Time in the World,” and closed with a full-group rendition of “Somebody Will,” dedicated to the Mars Rover Curiosity. Stay tuned– we hope to post videos from the concert to our YouTube channel by the end of the week!

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us this weekend, especially Peter Ellis for his splendid work in organizing and making everything happen, as well as our Stranger Ways colleague Nat Budin for all his technical help with the panel we presented on Sunday morning on audio recording and multi-tracking. And it was, as always, great to see so many new and familiar faces in the audience at our concert, and at the Filk 101 panel on Saturday morning. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again at Arisia, if not before!

To keep people up-to-date, we’re also happy to announce the rejuvenation of our Twitter account, @sassafrassmusic.  Please follow us there for all the latest news on concerts, recording, videos, new songs, and everything else you might want to know!

Sassafrass at Pi-Con Coming Up!

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Aug 082012

So a while ago, we posted about Sassafrass giving a concert at Pi-Con, and asking you, our loyal followers, to watch this space for updates.  For all of you who have been patiently waiting, here you go!

YES, seven members of Sassafrass will be at Pi-Con from August 17-19.  We will be giving a concert on Saturday night, and will be debuting several Norse pieces and bringing back some older pieces that you may not have heard for a while or may even be new to you!

On Sunday at 11 AM, we will be giving a workshop on multi-tracking and using REAPER, an awesome, low-cost piece of recording software.  Come learn about REAPER and you will have a chance to get your voice on the final chorus of Somebody Will.

We look forward to seeing you, both at our concert and at our workshop!