Arisia 2012 concert

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Dec 142011

Once again, Sassafrass Boston will be performing at this upcoming Arisia!

The concert will be held from 8-10pm on Saturday, January 14th, 2012.  This will be a joint concert: we will perform alternating sets and a few joint pieces with our friends Stranger Ways.  Along with old favorites, the Sassafrass portion will feature the two latest songs from Sundown, “Abandoned” and “A New World,” both new to Arisia.

You will need a membership for the convention to attend the concert.  You can register beforehand or purchase a day pass at the door.  For more information, visit

A New World (new song, new video, new downloads)

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Oct 292011

We have a lot to announce after OVFF. First, Ada has completed a new three part harmony version of A New World (aka. Frigg’s Song), which debuted at OVFF this year. The video is available on Youtube, but you can also listen to an even clearer streaming audio preview recording through our Songs from Nifflheim web only album.

In addition, several new concert recordings and studio recordings have been added to our Web Only Albums. This includes new downloadable takes of Daughter of Apocalypse, My Brother My Enemy, and Somebody Will, as well as a streaming file of our first live recording of the full five part setting of Gift of Life (from Balticon 2011).

And finally, Ada wants to announce that she has recently finished writing another new song: no details about it yet but it’s part of the Sundown cycle, and something to look forward to.

Sassafrass at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival

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Oct 212011

It’s OVFF weekend.  Three of our members, Alexa, Lauren and Matt, have managed to make it out to the festival this year.

Tonight we’re performing our two nominated songs, Somebody Will and My Brother My Enemy, in the Pegasus concert.  It’s a real honor getting to take part in such a great centerpiece of the Filk community.  And we can’t wait to see so many old friends again.

We also have a new piece to debut at Open Filk this weekend, the newly-completed three part harmony version of A New World a.k.a. Frigg’s song.  Ada finished it only a couple weeks ago, so this will be its first performance.


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Oct 212011

Welcome to the new website for the Sassafrass a cappella group.

Here you will find new, easier ways to navigate through our songs and releases.  Many new lyrics sets and lyrics sheets are now posted online which were not available before.  It is also now easier to access our Bandcamp site, at which you can listen to all our released songs free streaming online, plus preview recordings of a few not-yet-released pieces of the Sundown Norse Myth cycle.

We will post here frequently with updates about upcoming concerts and progress on new recordings, so please subscribe if you want to get the latest.